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Welcome to my humble site!

Here I collect stuff about different things, like php, javascript, software, smurfs and so on :-)

The site is still very new, so there is almost nothing here yet.....

Any comments are welcome :-)

Best regards

Danjel Jungersen

A few new articles

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Have made small additions, some are found around the web, just collected here :-)



Duplicating inputfields in form

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Some javascript code to show how I\'m duplicating some inputlines in a form was added.

I\'ts done dynamically, and the fields are numbered, so that they can be used in further dataprocessing.

I\'ts found in the "JavaScript" category under "Webcoding"....

First links arrived...

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The first links has arrived at my site.

It\'s a slow start, but soon more will come.

I must also apologize that the first things are in danish....